Saturday, July 15, 2006

White gowns for GenX

Chicks in their early 20s are dashing down the asile. Ever paused to question... why?

Is it that their parents (divorced babyboomers) left them wanting for the 'happy family' ideal?
Or is it based on one-up-manship, ie. "I'll show them I can do it better".
Is it that genX have endured a rocky 20 years (technology takeover, wwwboom, redefinition of the family unit, terrorism) and so they want to regain some stability via a permanent relationship? Or are we just too cynical
, are they simply just in love.

I actually fall into the pond of early 20-something females, as do my girlfriends. Four of which are currently engaged. Two years ago I was looking at diamonds with my (then) partner.

When we hear of Avril Lavinge, Nicky Hilton and other super young starlets walking down the aisle it's easy pigeon hole them into the "hollywood freak" box. I reckon we need to reasses that box. It's a niche trend in genX females, and it's offering up a whole host of opportunities for brands and bussiness. Time to cash in me thinks.


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