Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Brands - Even the cynical won't escape.

Brands are central to our existence. Both, how we tend to ourselves and our definition of self. Take a moment to look around your surroundings. Look at the brand space you have created. Take a glance in your closet, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, at your work desk. See the numbers stack up, it's pretty amazing. Even in this photo - where I was out trekking around, feeling pretty free, and untainted by the commercial world - I can spot 6 brands.

Sitting here I can see 30+ brands. Perisher Blue. Apple. iPOD. Siemens. Toshiba. Clinique. Swisspers. Wriggleys Extra Gum. NEC. Motorola. Puma. Lacoste. Dove. GHD. Schwarzkopf. Nutrimetics. The Glenlivet. Absolut. RipCurl. Naturmedics. Nordica. Sheridan. Columbia. HH. BodyShop. Lovely. Swatch. Pump. Herron. Marcs. Prada. Mooks.

How many can you spot in your space?
* This is a great test to throw at the cynics that attest "I'm not a brand person". Yeah right.


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