Wednesday, July 19, 2006

AVA is born

I'm creating a brand. A product. And hopefully a pallete for self expression and fun.

The brand = AVA. AVA is about self expression, wearing your message for the World. AVA is about not taking ourselves too seriously. AVA stands for living a big life.

The product = customised TSHIRTS/MUGS/STICKERS/PINS all branded AVA. The tricky bit -> every person who buys an AVA product creates it. That's right. YOU decide what is written on it. YOU decide what message you want to express. You choose. And it will be individually printed.

AVA is unique, and every AVA product will be unique - because it will be created by the individual!

Creating it all - i'm currently breathing life into the idea - doing all the businessy stuff. Website to be launched in 6 weeks. So keep your eyes peeled.

My question for you! What's your message for the world? What would you have printed? On a shirt? On a pin? On a Mug??


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